Presenting Dr Alistair Cameron-Strange

“I once told you, Cameron-Strange, that there is a tipping point. Stay this side of it, and the failsafe mechanisms apply. Cross it, and the past is irrevocable.”

Earlier this year the Impress Prize 2014 winner James Calum Campbell released his debut crime thriller Click, Double-Click. twitter2Set in Scotland with a fiendish cryptic crossword at the centre of the denouement, it is incredibly intricate. As James states in his in
terview with NewInBooks, unless you solve the crossword, there is one clue that you will never be able to solve. At Impress Books, we have some amateur crossword enthusiasts, but this particular crossword defeated everyone. It was only when we asked James what the mystery clue was and understood how it worked that everything really did click into place. Introducing one of the few people who can solve it, but can’t convince other people of his sanity –Dr Alistair Cameron-Strange Cameron-Strange is so very clever, but also very separate from the hustle and bustle of regular life and is certainly very eccentric, which makes his adventures of Click, Double-Click a very interesting journey.

So, where will Dr Cameron-Strange go next? Impress Books is very pleased to announce that we have commissioned two more books by James Calum Campbell. James is hard at work writing both The Seven Trials of Cameron-Strange and Speedbird, which will be released in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Although Dr Cameron-Strange doesn’t have all the sophistication (and dare we say the misogyny) that accompanies James Bond on his many adventures, Cameron-Strange is about to follow in his footsteps. Be prepared for a combination of James Bond and House as Cameron-Strange embarks on a series Click, Double-Clickof medical-related crime adventures. Will he avoid being labelled the mad doctor? Stay tuned to find out more…

Interested in reading Click, Double-Click? Copies are available through our website here and copies of The Seven Trials of Cameron-Strange will be available to pre-order soon.


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