Trailblazer Tuesday: The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon

Every week, Impress Books picks a book that we think is going to climb the book charts at a rapid pace. This week’s trailblazer is Samantha Shannon’s The Song Rising


On the 5th of November, Samantha Shannon announced that the title of her third novel (to be published in November 2016) will be The Song Rising. Coming hot on the heels of the first and second books of what will be a supernatural dystopian septology — The Bone Season and The Mime Order — the third novel will continue to follow Paige Mahoney, a clairvoyant ‘dreamwalker’ who can enter the minds of other people.


In 2059, in an alternative version of London, Paige’s life is one of subterfuge and danger; clairvoyance is outlawed and being found out could mean death or imprisonment. During the first two installments of the Bone Season series, Paige is taken to Oxford, which has been maintained as a secret penal colony by the beings who really pull the strings: the Rephaim. Forging unlikely alliances and leading an uprising against her captors, Paige escapes from Oxford and returns to London, where she is plunged back into the infighting of a clairvoyant community whose existence is constantly threatened by the risk of discovery. With her newfound knowledge of the powerful creatures manipulating the government, Paige must fight to stay alive long enough for others to heed her warnings and join her in resisting the Rephaim’s efforts to subdue them.


At only twenty-four years of age, Samantha Shannon has plenty to be proud of. Not only did her debut novel (bought and published by Bloomsbury for a six-figure sum) become an international bestseller, leading to several UK and US television appearances, but Andy Serkis (whom some of you may know as Gollum from Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films) has picked up the film rights. With an expanding fan base that engages with the author via her Tumblr (on which she has been known to reply to questions in the personas of several of her characters), Twitter, Facebook, and her writing blog, as well as those who follow her Nanowrimo efforts, Samantha is certainly one to watch.

Join us next Tuesday for our next Trailblazer Tuesday title.


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