Spill (some stories) by Giles Ward, an excerpt from ‘That Delivery Guy’

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That Delivery Guy

The Pritchard Gallery has wide, accusing glass eyes and a puckered little mouth of a doorway. It has a tiny beauty-spot buzzer beside the door that reminds visitors that access is by appointment only and, as the door whispers aside on command, a room of ice-box chic reveals itself. For the owners, Felicity and Jocelyn Pritchard, it has become a place for their clientele to indulge their wallets rather than their visual sensibilities. They are happy to give their customers what they want: Original, irreplaceable one-off works of art that will (they reassure them sincerely) appreciate in value. They sell coffee-table art book names like Johns, Rausenberg, Stella and Hamilton. They don’t sell limited editions. Their customers don’t do copies.

The gallery is a soulless place. As the day unfolds the morning sun is only briefly allowed to warm the bare wood floor before resigning itself to the cold shadows of the tall buildings that hug the gallery from all sides. The windows project oily swirls of light that refuse to let the white washed walls remain true to their colour. There are worse places to work, but hardly more charmless ones.

The Delivery Guy runs a latex finger along the edge of a picture frame angled lifeless against one of the gallery walls: Ashile Gorky, Untitled, 1944. Preparation study, pencil on paper, auction estimate $20,000, gallery price $35,000. He tips it upright and rocks it between his palms to judge its weight.

Spill cover (digital)

Spill (some stories)

eISBN: 9781907605802
Format: eBook
Available: 1 Dec 2015
Price: £2.99

This short story compilation ranges from heart-warming comedy to ruminations on existence: from the bizarre to the eerily macabre. See weird and wonderful preserved exhibits in a dusty old museum, immerse yourself in the conversation at a dinner party, or step foot into Dr Grost’s office. This remarkable, thirteen-story collection, introduces a huge variety of engaging characters and showcases Ward’s trademark style and humour.

Just in time for Christmas, this collection provides nuggets of fiction perfect for escaping. These thirteen stories showcase Giles Ward’s brilliantly dark sense of humour along with his striking writing style.

Follow Giles Ward on Twitter @GilesFWard, and visit his website at giles-ward.com.


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