Historical fiction


The Viking Hostage

For the history buff, who enjoys a dash of romance and a hint of the medieval, whilst curling up next to a roaring fire with a mince pie.

Set in late 10th century France and Wales, this novel weaves together the stories of three women living through a time of turbulent power struggles. Follow Sigrid, Aina and Limoges, as their friendship and stories tangle with questions of nobility, freedom and courage to create their own deception and escape the brutal society of early medieval Europe.


Almodis The Peaceweaver

Historical fiction underpinned by forbidden romance, murder and intrigue.

So you can’t give them the gift of a time machine… This is the next best thing. Drop them into eleventh century Occitania, and allow them to relax and immerse themselves in a story of love, adventure and scandal this Christmas. Based on the real life of Countess Almodis de Marche, whose path to power and happiness was fraught with drama.

Coming soon from Tracey Warr…

The Water Age weaves the narratives of Jorunn (a young girl trying to survive in 2217 after sea levels have risen nine metres) and Princess Nest (a medieval Princess living in a dangerous, but forgotten world) together as they fight for survival and to find a place they can call home (Autumn 2016).



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