JUST SIGNED – Smoke and Adders by Jennie Finch

Impress signs last part of crime fiction Alex Hastings series

Jennie books

Here at Impress Books HQ we are very excited to announce that we have just signed the last novel in the Alex Hastings series, Smoke and Adders.

Following on from the events of The Moth Man, we will once again be joining Alex Hastings on the Somerset Levels. An arsonist is starting fires on the Somerset Levels and a sexual predator stalks the streets looking for his next, perfect victim. As the summer heat turns the surrounding countryside to tinder, Alex must deal with this fresh wave of criminal activity under the increasingly watchful eye of the Senior Officer. As her friends settle into new lives, Alex hopes for a brighter future, but will the increasing pressures of her work stand in the way?

“When I began writing the first Somerset book, Death of the Elver Man, back in 2010, I had a vague idea I’d like to write a short series using the same setting and characters.  I had no idea of the plots back then and was just happy to let my stories evolve within a basic framework.  I had no idea I would write four Somerset novels, nor that I would become so fond of some of the people who live on my version of the Levels.

 The books are set in a particular period of recent history, a pivotal point that still affects us today, and now, six years on, the end is fast approaching and the new novel, Smoke and Adders, will be Alex’s final adventure in Somerset. Despite this I am reluctant to leave the Levels altogether.  There are so many stories to tell and I hope in the future to allow some of the other characters the opportunity to tell theirs.   Until then I must bid a very fond farewell to this most magical of landscapes.”

Jennie Finch

Already a fan of the Alex Hastings series? Smoke and Adders is available for preorder.


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