Friday Reads: GBBO Is Back!

It’s the week the nation has been waiting for, Great British Bake Off has finally returned to our TV screens. In honour of the occasion, we’ve picked out some delicious delicacies that can be found in the novels on the Impress shelves.

Lemon macaroons in The Joyce Girl

 A light and airy delicacy, Lucia Joyce is presented with rose, pistachio and lemon macaroons served with Lapsang Souchon tea during her afternoon with Samuel Beckett at his lodgings. This is the first time we see Samuel Beckett in his home and the beginning of Lucia’s obsession with him. Want to make this quintessential French delicacy? We’ve found a recipe for you.

Doughnuts in He’s Gone

In He’s Gone, Clare has constructed a police team full of characters and caricatures. Full of different opinions and ideas, DI Robyn Bailley’s way of uniting them at meetings or in important situations is with the promise of food. Although something of a stereotype to the image of policing, a doughnut or two (or maybe three) would be the perfect accompaniment to this thrilling police procedural and if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, we’ve picked out a recipe for you.

Cinnamon rolls in Smoke and Adders

Jennie Finch’s Smoke and Adders features a wonderful scene in which Alex’s partner Margie makes Alex freshly baked pastries after a nightshift. Set in the 1980s, this was a time when the supermarkets had just started selling ready-made dough for pastries. Settle down with a cup of tea and a cinnamon roll in honour of Margie to read this cosy crime novel.

Dumplings in Electric Shadows of Shanghai

A story of love and obsession set in Shanghai in 1931, Kane uses food as one of the literary devices to set the scene and involve the initially out-of-place characters in its busy streets. The actress Wu Feifei shares some little dragon dumplings with a colleague, where it is a rite of passage to bite into the dumpling and spill hot liquid down your shirt. Want to find out more? Clare Kane has written an article for Impress on experiencing Shanghai through its food.

Koulouria in Dead Olives

Dead Olives is a novel set in Greece that in part depicts the increasingly desperate situation of its migrant population. The characters dream of koulouria, a sesame and honey sweet bread that is a traditional Greek street food. Try your hand at making this sweet bread.


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