Friday Reads: A chat with the editorial team

This week we’re talking to the editorial team at Impress HQ about what they’re currently reading and why.

 Laura is kicking off the conversation with The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman

Prior to the film coming out this November, I’ve decided to turn to the bestselling historical fiction The Light Between Oceans. Set in post-WWI Australia, a veteran lighthouse keeper Tom and his wife Isabel discover a boat containing a corpse and a baby, washed ashore their isolated island. When they decide to informally adopt the baby, the fallout that follows is (apparently) devastating. Although it was the plot hook that drew me to this novel, it’s the beautifully crafted characterisation that keeps me turning the pages. The relationship between Tom and Isabel is so nuanced and engrossing, I know that when the emotional blow of this novel is delivered I’ll be floored!


Julian currently has two books on the go

The first is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Having had Stieg Larsson recommended to me by friends and family, he’s been lingering on my to-read list for a long time. Following Mikael Blomkvist’s fall from grace as a respected financial journalist, he is offered an opportunity to resurrect his career. In return, he must research a case that has gone unsolved for nearly four decades. In so doing, he employs the talents of Lisbeth Salandar, a troubled but brilliant researcher and computer hacker. So far, the novel is fast-paced, exciting, and thoughtful, and I’m racing towards the finish!

My second book is Coalition: The Inside Story of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition Government by David Laws. As one of the most prominent Lib Dems in the coalition, Laws is perfectly placed to shed light on the inside workings of one of the most exciting periods in recent political history. Coalition is an insightful and engaging account of the five years that the Conservatives and Lib Dems spent in an alliance that was equal parts fractious and fruitful. A must for any politics buff!


Natalie has opted for The Girl in the Glass Tower by Elizabeth Fremantle

Niece to Mary Queen of Scots, Arbella Stuart is confined behind the towering windows of Hardwick Hall. Presumed successor to Elizabeth I she is held here for her protection. But those in the crown’s shadow are never safe.


Rachel is reading Hide and Seek by Ian Rankin

I am a huge fan of crime fiction and police procedurals are definitely my go to if I don’t know what to read next. As a result, it’s something of a surprise to me that I’ve never read an Ian Rankin before. I picked up a trilogy of the first 3 recently and have just started the second one. Having been quite unhappy with the characterisation of Rebus and the delivery of the plot in the first novel, I’m pleasantly surprised by how much I’m enjoying Hide and Seek and I will be returning to Rebus again.


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