Friday Reads: Previous Prize Winners And What They’re Doing Now

You probably remember their prize-winning stories, but what are Impress Prize Winners doing now?

1. Annabel Abbs

After the release of The Joyce Girl earlier this year, Annabel has continued to work on her next novel and engage with her readers on Twitter as well as through her blog website. The reviews are continuing to come in for her debut The Joyce Girl.


2. James Calum Campbell

The 2014 author of Click Double Click now runs his own blog full of thoughts and opinions. But, in even bigger news, he’s about to release his second novel this November titled The Seven Trials Of Cameron-Strange. This thriller tells the story of Dr Alastair Cameron-Strange as he embarks on a mission that takes him around the world.


3. Lachlan Plain

The last winner of the prize for short stories, Lachlan’s collection The Lost Journals Of Pedro Piscator & Other Tales was a beautifully illustrated creation. Since then, Lachlan has continued his artwork with the huge street mural in Fitzroy titled Life On Planet Daisyworld. He is the artistic director of Sanctum Theatre which displays visual performances and folk theatre in everyday spaces.


4. Elizabeth McLean

Imagining Vietnam went on to be published as The Swallows Uncaged and has become popular around the world. Nowadays, Elizabeth continues to do readings and writing workshops, mostly close to Vancouver where she resides and communicate with her readers using her website.


5. Edmund Bealby-Wright

After winning the prize in 2010 for his novel The Farewell Symphony, Edmund continued to write as well as spend time on other hobbies. He hasn’t published since.




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