Friday Reads: Beautiful Books For Bonfire Night

With bonfire night just a day away, we’re gearing up for the fireworks by celebrating all that’s beautiful about book covers. Here are our five favourite book covers…

When We Collided – Emery Lord


When We Collided is about Vivi and Jonah’s whirlwind summer, wonderfully paralleled in the colour splatter on the front cover. It’s messy and chaotic but at the same time magical.

Conquest – Tracey Warr


The gorgeous gold against the dark background on this cover is Historical fiction at its finest. Conquest is the story of the three sons of William the Conqueror and their battle for the Anglo-Norman kingdom.

The Sun Is Also A Star – Nicola Yoon


This explosion of pinks and oranges is just as bright and eye-catching as The Sun Is Also A Star is gripping. Natasha’s love for science collides with Daniel’s passion for poetry and the pair are swept away in a day of adventure. With the threat of deportation looming, Nicola Yoon deals with some serious issues in an engaging style.

The Stargazer’s Sister – Carrie Brown


Subtle and unique, the cover of The Stargazer’s Sister shows that you don’t need mass colour to make something stand out. The novel is about the astronomer and composer William Herschel who brings his sister Caroline to England where she becomes utterly attached to him. When William announces that he will be getting marries, Caroline’s world is destroyed.

I See You – Clare Mackintosh


This autumnal cover balances it’s colour with a sinister edge, making it fitting for the dark story of Zoe Walker. When Zoe finds her photo in the newspaper she starts to think that someone may be watching her.


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