Friday Reads: 22 Reading Resolutions

As you weigh up the serious decision of what your New Years Resolution (or resolutions if you’re the ambitious type) will be, here are some of the most common ones readers aim for and some top tips on how to achieve them in 2017… 

1. Buy Less Books

This one hardly needs explaining. If a book looks pretty, we buy it. Half the time we never read it and the circle continues. Try and only buy books you are certain you will read. Also, as more and more libraries close down, now is the time more than ever to sign up for a card and commit to going regularly (it’s much more fun than going to the gym).

2. Read More Classics


After leaving education or embarking on a subject other than English many of us never go back to the classics. These can be some of the most rewarding reads so even if you pick up one next year, it could be one more than last year!

3. Read That Book That’s Been On Your Shelf For Years

Seriously, just do it. If you can’t do it then either give the book to charity or a friend. It can’t be on your shelf at the end of next year.

4. Support Independent Publishers

The most exciting up-and-coming fiction often comes from independent publishers so it’s great to make an effort to look out for new titles outside the ‘big five’.

5. Support Book Shops

Just like libraries, lots of book shops are in danger of closing as online book sales continue to rise. Every once in a while it’s nice to browse books in the real world. You can’t smell them when you’re scrolling through Amazon…

6. Read For Pleasure

As well as reading a classic or two, remember that reading resolutions aim to help you enjoy reading even more than you already do. It’s important to pick up some trashy books every once in a while or return to your comfort reads.

7. Read Diversely

If you find yourself constantly reading one genre, who knows what you could be missing elsewhere? Set yourself a challenge to try reading some new authors and you never know, it could lead to a whole new world.

8. Re-read Your Favourites


From Harry Potter to The Hunger Games to Twilight. Whatever your favourite books or series’ are, there’s something wonderful about revisiting them. Often most enjoyable when you’re feeling sick, keep them with you in case of emergencies.

9. Share More Books

Set up a book-swapping system or simply recommend more titles to your friends and family on Goodreads, either way sharing titles is so much fun and means you’ll always have someone to chat to about what you’ve been reading.

10. Read With Friends

You’ve probably heard of reading parties and gatherings so why not host your own? Get some readers together and chill out with some books and snacks. For the best experience, get everyone to read the same book so you can see your friends’ reactions.

11. Go Beyond Novels


Graphic novels, poetry, plays, they are all forms of reading which most of us overlook. In 2017 it might be worth checking out classics like Sin City or discovering some Kate Tempest.

12. Challenge Yourself

Whether it’s to read 50 books in a year, a book a month, or to simply include a new genre or form, push yourself to step out of your comfort zone. If all fails at least you’ll know you tried.

13. Join A Book Club

If you love talking about books, this year you could find like-minded people and discuss them together. Most clubs aren’t pressured and meet once a month.

14. Go To A Signing

Margaret Atwood during the Jaipur Literature Festiva at Diggi Palace in Jaipur on Thursday. Express photo by Rohit Jain Paras 21.01.2016

Meet a real life author, hear them do a reading or speak about their work and get a signed copy – there’s nothing quite like it.

15. Get A Goodreads Account

Join the world of online readers, share reviews and ratings and keep track of all the books you’ve read. It’s a community of people just like you!

16. Discover More Adaptations

But make sure you read the book first!

17. Turn Off The TV

In a world of Netflix, finding the time to read can be challenging. The first step is turning off the TV…

18. Get A Reading Routine

Read over breakfast or when you’re travelling or just before you go to sleep – whenever. Just keep it regular and sticking to the rest of your resolutions will be a breeze.

19. Help Non-Readers

Those poor souls who haven’t quite discovered books yet need your help. Recommend the titles you know they will love and help them commit.

20. Organise Your Bookshelves


Seriously, if you have that many books then a sort-out may be required. Any books you don’t want any more you can donate to others or charity shops; it’s a win-win!

21. Listen To More Audiobooks

Audible is a wondrous creation. Consider it your new Netflix – you can read any time, any where.

22. Go To A Literary Festival

No matter what city you live in, there’s bound to be a festival of some sort. With exciting guest speakers and events, it’s a reader’s dream come true.

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